Mel’s Always Hungry for Bread Meats Bread

Ever spent hours watching slow motion ‘food porn’ online and wished you could just go out and eat something as equally sensual to the eyes and taste buds? Living in Glasgow, this is always a possibility and it’s my favourite thing about living in the West End.

One lazy Sunday not too long ago, I found myself with said food porn cravings after a couple of hours of ‘cheese pull’ videos and pictures of the most obscene loaded fries. And that is the story of how I ended up at Bread Meats Bread for the first time. How it’s taken me six years to finally visit one of their many branches is beyond me!

Here’s a round up of my thoughts from my first visit to Bread Meats Bread on Great Western Road.

When we walked in it was quite early in the afternoon on a Sunday so there were only a few other parties there before us but before long the place started to fill up and the atmosphere was upbeat and friendly. Sat in one of the many stylish mustard yellow booths beside the wall of vintage wooden trays, I was ready to be an absolute glutton and I could tell I was in the best place for it!

Buffalo chicken is one of my absolute go-to comfort foods. My bestie gave me a recipe for buffalo mac n cheese a while back and since then I’ve been hooked (Seriously if anyone is doing a Costco run any time soon, let me know and Ill chip in for some buffalo sauce). Therefore it’s no surprise that we ordered way too much buffalo chicken for just two people.

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It was almost too difficult to narrow down what we wanted to eat if I’m honest. Eventually we landed on ordering the Buffalo Fried Chicken Sub, the Royale with Cheese and the Buffalo Fried Chicken Poutine to share.

If you’re looking for a classic cheeseburger, the Royale with Cheese is the one you want on your visit to Bread Meats Bread. A beef burger with all the trimmings you’d expect and juicy to boot.


I struggled to eat my buffalo chicken sub as there was just so much of it! They really don’t skimp on the portions. Which is a good thing till it comes to the blue cheese. I have a naturally sweet tooth so that much blue cheese was just too much for me.


Saving the best for last, I can’t sing the praises of this dish loud enough. Since our trip to Vancouver last year I’ve developed a real soft spot for Poutine. Combine that with my love of Buffalo Fried Chicken and Bread Meats Bread have created a masterpiece of indulgence. The classic Poutine combined with the spiciness of the buffalo sauce and smoothness of the blue cheese mayo was like living out all those too perfect to be true Instagram ‘food porn’ videos.

I really enjoyed this trip to Bread Meats Bread but given what I know about the portions now I wouldn’t order as much next time. I’m sure there will be many return trips for us when the cravings hit and when they do I plan to try the Pastrami Burger, the New York Hot Dog and the Bacon Kimchi Poutine (definitely one visit at a time though!).

Mel’s overall review:

Atmosphere 7/10

Decor 9/10

Service 8/10

Food 9/10

Overall feels 8/10

Do you have any Bread Meats Bread recommendations? Let me know on Instagram @melsalwayshungry.

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