Buck’s Bar Waffle Brunch Review

Last year I took a trip to Vancouver, BC with a long list of foodie things I wanted to try. Poutine, lobster rolls, and fried chicken & waffles (to name just a few). Sadly on this trip I didn’t manage to eat everything I wanted to, however I highly recommend White Spot for smashbrown potatoes or poutine and Wings for…well that should be obvious. One item left unfulfilled was chicken and waffles.

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Instagram knows how much I love fried chicken and brunch. So when I returned to Glasgow and discovered that a restaurant dedicated to fried chicken not only make the best chicken wings in the city but that they put on a crackin’ waffle brunch, I had to go there at least 3 times!

To mark the occasion of Buck’s Bars 2nd birthday this weekend, I’ve decided to finally review their waffle brunch.


I highly recommend visiting on a Sunday for their Waffle Brunch. 6 varieties of chicken and waffles at Β£8.95 EVERY SUNDAY. So far I’ve tried 3 different flavours that are buckin’ good!

1. Buffalo Blue

I absolutely adore the combination of chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese. For my first chicken and waffle experience I bypassed the classic and went straight for this beast of a dish. I love the kick of the sauce combined with the cooling delicious blue cheese all atop the sweetest waffles.

2. The Classic

I’m always fascinated by dishes that combine the sweet with the savoury. I loved the buttermilk fried chicken (which Bucks are famous for). As you can see from my post about it on Instagram ^, I may have been a tad stingy when it came to the maple syrup. But to quote the lovely Buck’s Birds, this is “100% grade A dark amber maple syrup” so if you feel you need a bit more, this is the fancy stuff so treat yo self!

3. Chickencheese

Waffles, 3 huge strips of fried chicken, smokey BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese make up the Chickencheese. OFFT. This dish really does make chicken great again.

I will definitely be back for more, next on the list will be the Bourbon Bacon. Chicken, bacon, bourbon cream, maple syrup and pecans. My sweet tooth is going to have a field day!

Mel’s overall review:

AtmosphereΒ 7/10

Decor 8/10

Service 7/10

Food 9/10

Price 9/10

Overall feels 8/10

I’ve also been in to Bucks on a couple of work night outs which involved truck loads of chicken wings and almost as much bourbon, but I’m saving that review for another time.

Have you tried any of the other varieties? Do you rate Bucks or give no fucks? Let me know on Instagram @melsalwayshungry.

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