Comet Pieces Is On A Roll

Comet Pieces – Review

I’m usually not a morning person, especially at the weekends. But the Scottish sun was too good to resist or waste last Sunday. I was out of the flat by 10am running errands and being a proper wee adult. So naturally I decided that I deserved a treat for being such a good grown up, not a gold star, but a glorious breakfast roll. And this, my friends, is when I discovered Comet Pieces.

A two-minute walk from the Botanic Gardens, sits this brand new Cafe on Queen Margaret Drive. Let me tell you, they may be the latest west end coffee shop, but they’ve been giving me Instagram envy for a while now:

As you’ve probably gathered, Comet Pieces is more than just your basic roll shop. They are currently running a Signature Rolls board which I would double dare you to go and try.

comet pieces signature rolls board

Here’s a summary of what I thought of everything:

Decor 9/10



Atmosphere (too soon to tell it was a quiet Sunday morning when I stopped by)

Staff 9/10


Food 8/10



I tried the haggis, hash brown, fried egg, crispy bacon bits and whisky sauce roll from the Signature Rolls menu. Not your typical breakfast roll choice but it was incredible. They do traditional breakfast options also. My boyfriend had black pudding and tattie scone on his roll and all I heard for the next 3 hours after he INHALED it was that he wished I’d brought another one home!

Price 7/10

Overall feels 8/10

After a great first experience, I’ve already told myself that I’m going back very soon. Next roll on the bucket list: shredded chicken, black pudding, spring onion and sriracha mayo.



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